WASH – Safe Water Project

AFRIcai in partnership with Tanzania Red Cross Society (TRCS)  and 4Life Solutions is implementing a Safe Water Program in Uvinza district in Kigoma and Tanganyika district in Katavi regions. The project has been funded by Coca-Cola Foundation. In Uvinza district, five villages were selected that include Kalya, Lufubu, Sibwesa, Kashagulu, and Tambushi. On the other hand, in Tanganyika district six villages were selected that include Ikola, Mchangani, Karema, Kasangantogwe, Songambele, and Kapalamsenga. The project focuses at providing intervention “SAWA Bags Technology” to 33,330 household in both Kigoma – Uvinza District and Katavi – Tanganyika District. The technology plays a significant role in purifying and store drinking water as efforts to mitigate and overcome the Cholera pandemic and other waterborne diseases in these areas. This intervention aims at saving significant time used for fetching firewood by women and children that will be used for income generating activities and for school activities (reduce child truancy and increase school attendance). Additionally, the technology also aims at reducing deforestation as less fuel wood will be needed for boiling drinking water, reduce CO2 emissions.

Uvinza district in Kigoma region and Tanganyika district in Katavi region have been frequently subjected to waterborne diseases due to shortage of clean and safe drinking water. This is more common in wet season as water is easily contaminated due to poor hygiene and sanitation. Hence, the uptake of SaWa Bags intervention is crucial for mitigating outbreak of waterborne diseases.

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