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Tanzania Malaria facts

The entire population of Mainland Tanzania is considered at risk for malaria, although transmission varies significantly among and within regions. 93% of the population in Mainland Tanzania live in malaria transmission areas.  

The country has three malaria transmission seasons [1]: 

  • Stable perennial transmission: 60% of the country 
  • Stable malaria transmission (with seasonal variation): 20% of the country; 
  • Unstable seasonal malaria transmission: 20% of the country. 

Tanzania is among the ten countries with the highest malaria cases and deaths, accounting for 3% of the global cases and deaths, and 4.1% of global deaths in 2020. It also accounted for 12.8% of malaria cases in East and Southern Africa in 2020). [2]  Between 2017 and 2020, case incidence decreased 2.8%, from  124 to 120 per 1000 of the population at risk; however,  deaths increased by 4.8% (from 0.42 to 0.43 per 1000 of the population at risk) during the same period. [2] 

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