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AFRIcai is a registered Non-Governmental Organization that cater for Health, Education, and Socio-economic development for various communities in Tanzania,

AFRIcai is working towards supporting Community Initiatives in Improving HIV Prevention, Testing and Treatment, Malaria and Nutrition Programs in Tanzania AFRIcai works to improve community health in different regions of Tanzania. Currently working in Pwani, Mara, Mwanza, Kagera, Geita, Shinyanga and Songea regions. We work closely with Local Government Authorities, Health Cen ters, Dispensaries and communities to facilitate awareness on HIV and AIDS related services which include provision of reliable information on prevention, transmissions, testing and treatment. We also, work with ward executive officer (s), village executive officers, religious and traditional leaders, and adult peer networks and Community Health Workers.

Our experience in Community Health, Nutrition and pear education to people in most disadvantaged communities in Tanzania can be comparable to SDG Agenda and Goals. 

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Our success stories can now be transformed into Health and Education systems of District Council’s development authorities so as to ensure their sustainability, scaling up in the Regional levels and elsewhere in the country.

Our Mission

Promote and Support of quality and equitable health for all

Our Vision

Health lives and well-being to all Our Tanzanians

Our Core Values

Team Work , Integrity, Excellence, Commitment, Learning, Equity